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Kojo Kinful was born in Accra Ghana in the 60’s and attended all primary, secondary and technical college in Ghana, He also took a computer class in the 90’s where he received a Comptia A+ certificate but his big passion for music led him to becoming a DJ and later collaborated with Issa Monnie, presently a radio and television broadcast journalist, communication expert and news anchor in Ghana in setting up a 1 mile radius pirate fm station in the late 80s in Accra.

He later migrated to the East Coast of USA later in the early 2000 where he got saved. He took classes on Comtia Security+ and Cisco Networking but always found himself gravitating towards DJ’ing and live audio processing. He is currently the media director for two Adventist churches in Delaware streaming live church service every sabbath.

Kojo Kinful travels within and outside the USA to cover many evangelical programs, in 2014 Kinful created VBN (Vespers Broadcasting Network) which broadcast live Bible Studies and Sabbath events and also camp meetings live on YouTube, his way of bringing gospel to church members anywhere they are on smart devices.

In the first quarter of 2018 Kinful launched his christian Internet radio station called Sifa Radio which is a christian based radio station in the Kiswahili language. Kinful has some interesting and intriguing christian audiovisual projects lined up for the future targeting East & West Africa,

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